With over 1.5 million users, Bookdoc is the leading digital healthcare solution provider with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Bookdoc delivers essential digital tools to consumers, healthcare providers and business corporates with the goal to elevate their well-being journies.
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Bookdoc is Asia's Answer to ZocDoc

  • Elevate Consumer's Well-being Journey

    An all-in-one health and wellness companion that finds you your perfect care provider, provides medical advice, and holds you accountable for an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

  • Drive Customers to Healthcare Providers

    Help practices enhance visibility, build trust, and attract more patients by giving them the tools to manage bookings, access patient records, and perform teleconsult.

  • Reduction in Medical Cost for Corporates

    Enables corporates to reduce costs by promoting preventive care and encouraging employees to pay attention to their physical and mental well-being.

Bookdoc App

Integrate With Your Team

Bookdoc partnered with our US-based UX designers and Vietnam-based engineering team to perform a full-fledged end-to-end digital ecosystem for consumers in Asia.

  • AgilityIO designers conducted product discovery and designed the full end-to-end experience for not only consumers but also corporates who want to provide better healthcare experiences for their employees.

  • AgilityIO engineers developed the full suite of products, including the consumer mobile app, the Doctor's Portal, and the Enterprise Portal for companies.

Tech Stack

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Swift

  • Angular

  • PostgreSQL

  • Java

  • CleverTap

  • FitBit API

The Result

After releasing the first version of Bookdoc 8 years ago, Bookdoc now has over 1.5 million users, with over 40,000 healthcare providers and 500 corporates participating in the Bookdoc ecosystem. With a strong mission in mind, Bookdoc continues to transform health care in Asia and be the go-to platform for health, wellness and fitness for customers.