Based in Hong Kong, Prenetics is the leading genomics-driven health sciences company that offers the world's most comprehensive consumer DNA test and helps to identify health risks with the use of DNA sequencing technology. The company has been recognized as Hong Kong's first unicorn exit in 2022.
Screenshot of Prenetics app designed for iPhone

Enhancing Life Through Science and Technology

  • Prevention

    Provides a comprehensive view and analysis of an individual's genes along with actionable lifestyle and diet recommendations.

  • Early Detection

    Enables individuals to detect cancers at the early stages via a liquid biopsy platform that is low-cost and accurate.

  • Treatment

    Assists medical practitioners and scientists with genomics-driven recommendations and data for cancer treatment strategy and discovery.

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Product Discovery and User Experience Design

Nasdaq-listed Hong Kong-based biotech company Prenetics engaged Agility to conduct product discovery and user experience design for its first-generation mobile application.

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  • The mobile application enabled users to view their DNA testing results and custom diet recommendations from domain experts.

  • Features designed to include health content such as articles, videos and recipes.

The Result

Prenetics has become the first Hong Kong-based unicorn to list on Nasdaq. It continues to grow by establishing a US$200m joint venture “Insighta” for breakthrough multi-cancer early detection screening and pioneer R&D on the international space station.