HintMD (Revance)

HintMD (now Revance Therapeutics) is a biotechnology company setting the new standard in healthcare with innovative aesthetic and therapeutic offerings that elevate patient and physician experiences. The HintMD digital solutions include integrated financial technology (fintech) platform and payment solutions that empower modern dermatology and plastic surgery practices to improve office management, analytics and economics.
Screenshot of HintMD webapp user dashboard

US-based Subscription Service Optimized for Skincare Solutions Delivery

  • Insider Guide to Trends in Beauty

    Offering beauty tips, trends, and treatment information while connecting users to leading aesthetic providers.

  • Quick Access to Specialty Aesthetic Physicians

    Provides capability to search and browse beauty experts and schedule bookings via the applications.

  • Manage Subscriptions and Build Skincare Plans

    Doctors can easily review and manage patient subscriptions, assemble skincare plans and receive payment directly in the portal.

HintMD revance App

Integrate With Your Team

HintMD partnered with our US-based UX designers and Vietnam-based engineering team to design and develop a full-suite of digital products.

  • AgilityIO developed a mobile app and a web app for consumers, as well as a portal for doctors. Features include subscription management, consumer and doctor profiles, reporting, and payment architecture.

  • AgilityIO provided CTO-level advice, user experience design, and software engineering services to HintMD.

Tech Stack

  • Swift

  • Bootstrap

  • Ruby On Rails

  • Wordpress

  • MySQL

  • AWS

  • Spree E-commerce

  • PostgreSQL

The Result

Founded in 2014, HintMD was the leading aesthetic subscription platform that revolutionized the aesthetic experience for physicians and patients. In 2020, HintMD was subsequently acquired by Revance Therapeutics.